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Does your pet suffer from bad breath? If they do, do not mistake this for being normal. Bad breath usually means your pet may be in need of a dental cleaning. There may be a root infection, built up tarter, or an abscess. Your pet may be at risk for periodontal disease.

Brushing Dog's Teeth

If you think your pet may be at risk for dental issues, contact our clinic to have an oral exam done with Dr. Canion! If she sees any signs of infection or built up tarter, we can schedule your pet a dental. Your pet will first be placed under anesthesia, dental x-rays will be completed if there is a health problem, extractions or filing will be done, and to finalize the process we will clean the teeth with fluoride tooth paste.

Some signs that your pet may need a dental are bad breath, loss of appetite, excessive drooling, painful or swollen mouth, rubbing of the face, etc.

Coming in for an annual exam and tooth cleaning is best to keep your pet from getting infection!

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