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Euthanasia is always a difficult decision to make. A quality of life exam may be needed to help make a decision or give other options when your pet's health is declining.

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Euthanizing your pet is one of the biggest decisions and events that will happen in a pet owner's life. We want to make it as smooth and painless as we can for both the pet and the owner. We use a two-step protocol that includes a first injection that puts the animal into a deep sleep. We then give a second injection that takes them the rest of the way. After the process is finished and your pet has gone to furry heaven, we give you time to say your last goodbyes.

We offer different euthanasia processes. Some options are sending your pet home with you in a coffin or your preferred carrier, individual cremation where you get the ashes back in a customizable urn, or group cremation where your pet will be cremated with others, and you will not get any ashes back. Both cremation options allow the personal option of the owner to get a paw print back for their pet.

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