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Success Stories

We have many success stories here at LaPorte Animal Hospital. Here are a few of there stories!

Please be advised that some photos are graphic.



Heartland Small Animal Rescue brought Tinkerbell to Dr. Canion with a severe case of globe proptosis. We suspect history of trauma or glaucoma, but she was found on the side of the road. On first presentation, the eye was not even visual because it was covered with infection. The first photo shows the recovery of the eye after the suture removal!

Tinkerbell is feeling amazing and she is thriving in her foster home.



Layla was unfortunately attacked in her own yard by another dog where a chunk of her right leg was bitten off with multiple other bite wounds on her left leg and paw pad. Amputation was the best option for Layla due to the severity of her wounds and high likelikness of infection. Once amputated, Layla was hospitalized for a couple of days and sent home with her family, only coming back for frequent laser therapies and a suture removal.

Now she is up and running around on 3 legs with seemingly no pain!

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