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Here are some common surgeries that we provide. Every pet needs a pre surgical exam before a surgery for the doctor to examine the issue at hand and make sure the pet is healthy enough for anesthesia. 


Dog and cat neuters are one of the most common surgeries that we perform. It is the removal of the testicles. This surgery can prevent testicular and prostate cancer, as well as unwanted behavior such as aggression. 

Sedated Ear Cleaning

This does not always turn into a surgery, but it is when the ear infections become so chronic and severe that there may be a deeper issue. Often times than not, the doctor will find a polyp that needs to be removed. 


Entropion in pets is when the eyelid is rolled forward, where the eye lids are rubbing against the eye causing corneal ulcers and pain. Surgery is done to remove that part of the eye lid to prevent from rolling forward.

Lump or Mass Removal

This is for a pet that has lumps, bumps, or skin tags. Sometimes these masses need to be removed because it causes medical issues. A biopsy may be done to determine if it is cancerous or benign. 


Dog and cat spays are some of the most common surgeries that we perform. It is the removal of the ovariesand uterus. This surgery can prevent pyometra and ovarian cancer. 

Eye Enucleation

This is when the eye is surgically removed that is only performed as a last resort where the eye cannot be saved by any other method. 


An exploratory surgery is when the pet is usually vomiting or having constant diarrhea that medication won't solve. There may be something stuck in the stomach or intestines that x-rays will show and needs to be removed. 


If an animal's limb is too severely damaged that it will not be able to heal, an amputation might be necessary. If a limb is left dead or damaged, it can cause serious infection or necrosis that will likely spread further.

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